If Nest made an air conditioner

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I really appreciate using digital displays as an enhancement on top of tactile interfaces (like a knob). The trend of replacing every interface with a touch screen loses out on some intuitive interactions that we've honed over decades of industrial product design. I think this is a nice example of marrying the two.
Gorgeous product design. I don't have a need for this but I still want one! Really amazing work.
It looks very stylish . I think that this window air conditioner will fit perfectly into my interior. I used to have Bosch air conditioning. He looked very cool , too, but often broke down and I had every six months to call the master from the aircon service . He advised to change my old A/C and told that despite that he repairs it he will continue to break because this model had factory defect . I am grateful to this master for his honesty and high-quality work and advice.