A better way to learn Japanese 🇯🇵

Kanso is a simple solution for Japanese language learners. Build a solid foundation from the beginning, learn only the essentials, study everything offline and share your progress along the way!

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Hey Product Hunters! As a Japanese learner, one of the biggest things I struggled with in the beginning was figuring out how to start and what to learn first. I created Kanso to help solve that problem. It gives the learner a clear roadmap of the most important concepts necessary for a solid foundation in the language. None of the unnecessary fluff of typical language learning programs, just the essentials. I hope you guys enjoy it!
I love the name! Kanso = the elimination of clutter. Love me some Japanese design principles.
Wow, Kansō is amazing. Just upgraded to the paid version!
I've always wanted to learn Japanese, but never successfully got past the very basics. I'm interested to learn what you think the unnecessary fluff of something like Duolingo would be, and how the Kanso way is different?
@sgoudie Duolingo has a Japanese course but it wasn't created in such a way that allows users to learn new concepts with ease. Neither does it give users the linguistic tools necessary to start building their own sentences with confidence. Kansō tries to address this issue by giving the user meaningful vocabulary that is relevant to their daily life from the beginning, and it explains the essence of key grammatical concepts that are essential for sentence construction and mastery of the fundamentals. The whole process is simplified to show that traditionally complex topics can be learned and applied relatively early while simultaneously giving the user information that they can use from day 1.
I like the direct essentialism of this stylish Japanese language learning app. From the process of learning with flashcards to the words chosen to the design itself, everything about Kansō is streamlined!