The world’s smallest, personal, powerful, portable PC.

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"Use Windows 10 on your iPad." It sounds good but then there is the typing. And then you're carrying an iPad, a Kangaroo, a portable keyboard, and 3 power adapters, like a post postmodern pack-mule. Not so svelte now are we? (Did this Kangaroo go directly on the lust list anyway? Of course it did.)
The @kangaroocc is as thin as a package of post-it notes and has a 4-hour battery life. Very cool concept to push Windows 10.
To me it looks cool, but for a very small niche. If you really need windows for a few things - and only very few things - but don't want to carry around a Windows laptop for that, it's certainly useful. For most things presented though, I don't see anything it can do that a phone or tablet can't. You can't use it on its own (needs at least a display of some sort), very short battery life, low power (as a desktop PC)...