Screen your candidates better with online assessment tests.

Kandio is a faster and cheaper way to screen your candidates with online assessment tests from a growing library of topics. All assessment tests are created by experts in their respective fields.

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3 Reviews5.0/5

I became a regular user of Kandio, and would recommend it to my friends, since i always had a huge headache with screening my tech-candidates, and choosing wrong. This is now solved.


Easy to use, fast to setup, and immidiate value from the product. Great customer support also with almost instant replies.


Early stage startup, still missing some content.

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Interesting! How is this different than Hundred5? https://hundred5.com/
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@bellacaballero Seems like Hundred5 covers the entire pipeline for recruiting. And from what I see, it has its internal job board. Thanks for introducing this! Kandio focuses more on online examinations.
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Highly recommend them.


The tests are from very high level experts, better than any other skill assessment platform out there.


Needs more tests for other verticals.