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Seamless time-tracking & visual project-management tool

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Apparently over 25,000 small and large businesses uses this to increase team performance.
@EmmanuelAmber One of those according to the site is Rolls Royce...I want to know if Rolls is using Kanban like Toyota did or if they're using it for their digital services.
@UXAndrew I can't tell much about Rolls Royce, but most companies are using Kanban Tool to manage their digital services, sales pipelines etc. There are few which use it in "Toyota" way, but mostly to oversee manufacturing, not distribution.
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Oooh Kanban. If anyone wants to know why they should use Kanban, I wrote this for VentureBeat last year - http://venturebeat.com/2013/09/0... David Anderson, the creator of the Kanban Method, came out yesterday and said yesterday it's time for people to start moving from physical Kanban board to Kanban tools -> http://edu.leankanban.com/blog/w.... He recommended http://www.swiftkanban.com and http://www.leankit.com. Of course I am partial to @swiftkanban having helped build it. Other good Kanban tools are http://www.blossom.io from @__tosh and company and https://www.atlassian.com/softwa...
Love this product!
Just got here...taking a look today and will report back if it beats what I already do/have with MS Office 365 Planner.
For me it's one of the best Kanbans, no unnecessary functions complicating a tool, just simple and intuitive task management with possibility to share a board with other team members. It's definitely worth the small cost for the unlimited access and friendly customer support.