Watch videos, together - Starting with the PH community!

Just launched! I'll be here to answer any questions. Feedback is always sought after.
The SOIAF fan in me can't help but ask... is it pronounced Khaleesi? ;)
@andymci haha it depends on which dialect in India you are speaking. =P
i'ma check this out. Yo @taylorhou you've been in the video space for quite a bit - out of all the things to build, why this?
@eriktorenberg we've always wanted to build a consumer product. this was the wow feature amongst our professional users for Remark. was time. =)
@taylorhou 1) what does "it's time" mean? i'm curious when people think things are "ready to go" - what type of traction made you realize this was the direction? 2) where do you see kalisi evolving in the future?
@eriktorenberg 1. It's time: there are a multitude of reasons but the main one is the lack of engagement or interaction we have that we used to have when watching videos with friends on the living room couch. we have quite a few clients over @remarkhq that use our product more for engaging their communities privately around video than actually for post production review and approval purposes. we figured, we'd just help them with a standalone product specifically for that use. 2) kalisi just started. our team uses it to share quite a bit of really great production quality videos. my girlfriend and I use it almost like pandora or spotify but with the music videos that are on youtube. - branded channels could be a direction that are curated by individuals
@taylorhou iiiiinteresting. i was in the video space too with rapt.fm - what can you learn from sites like airtime and turntable.fm? cc @billychasen who might find this interesting :)
@eriktorenberg @billychasen - leveraging existing communities on the websites they already frequent but acquiring them through their friends with a simple browser extension is proving to work wonders. no need to get people to go to another website or use laggy hangouts. later, we'd love to pass you the remote for the www.kalisi.tv/producthunt focused couch and hear some epic rap battles