JUST Water

100% spring water in a paper bottle backed by Will Smith

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last time i checked, tap water was ok to drink and didn't have any packaging. Still, genius ways that the bottled water companies use to get you to buy something you can get for free
Hm. If you cared so much about the environment, you would drink out of a refillable bottle instead of buying bottles for one time use.
Will Smith announced his involvement in JUST Water at Cannes earlier today, inspired by his son Jaden's concern about the pollution caused by plastic bottles filling the ocean. The bottles will show up in Whole Foods shortly. @tjd_nneoma just published an interview with CEO Grace Jeon and Jaden Smith on SMASHD UPDATE: Apparently JUST Water has already been distributed in some Whole Foods. I use Instacart, so I wouldn't have seen it. 😁
@rrhoover I've already seen these at my local Whole Foods for several months.
@unseenvision ooh! I thought it was just rolling out.
@rrhoover been in the ALBANY whole foods over 90 days They have it as an end cap recently too
Had some this weekend. 💯 water.

It's actually WORSE than plastic bottles in the long run. Shameful.


Nothing. Just more unnecessary packaging.


What's worse? This packaging isn't actually recyclable by your local facility.