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It's not often a new product comes along that completely changes my behavior for the better. Just Not Sorry is a genius Chrome extension I've been trying out that highlights words/phrases people often use that undermine their message, so I can edit them out before I send an email like 'if I could just please have a moment of your time, I actually think I've got something valuable to say...' Backstory: it's no secret that some people (ok, mostly women) tend to qualify their message. Maybe they're humble. Maybe they're not totally confident. Maybe they've been conditioned by society to tone down what they say to avoid being seen as bitchy or demanding. (we've all seen the WaPo article on 'Famous Quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting, right?) This extension reminds me of Hemingway Editor by @adam_b_long but it catches your writing as you're doing it in your gmail compose box rather than having to copy/paste it into another website. (hint hint: would love a similar functionality for Hemingway Editor..) This was made by the team at @cyrusinnovation led by @tamireiss with inspiration/support from @ES_entrepreneur @saritwish and @karasilverman. I hope you check it out and pledge to have a #justNOTsorry 2016!
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@gillianim I couldn't have said it better myself! Full backstory here https://medium.com/cyrusite-chat... with shoutouts to the blogs that inspired it.
@tamireiss This is brilliant. I use "just" all the time in my writing. @gillianim Thanks for the suggestion. It would definitely be cool to suggest Hemingway issues inside Gmail.
@adam_b_long thanks! we like to say "simple is smart" and "kaizen - small changes lead to big impacts"
Sorry, but I just think this is important to share with the world. May we all sound smarter and stronger in 2016.
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Hi, I'm Tami the creator of Just Not Sorry. We created this free Gmail plug-in to help everyone stop getting in their own way. Phrases like "just" and "sorry" have been proven to undermine your message and diminish confidence in the reader. We wrote up the entire backstory here (https://medium.com/cyrusite-chat...) The goal is to have 10000 people sign the pledge to stop using these words and send more effective emails in 2016.
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@tamireiss Hey. Great work. Will it still work with Inbox by Google or is it only for Gmail? Thanks :)
@kostgx it currently only works on Gmail and Google Apps on Chrome, but if it's a hit, we'll expand it.
@tamireiss Would be very interested in using this for Inbox, as well as other communication apps like Slack.
@tamireiss Update - we've been downloaded 8000 times in the past two days!!! Covered in Slate, Inc, Business Insider, and Women2.0 (among others) We can't thank the @producthunt community enough as we know so much of our success was seeded here.
Love this. Last night I read this Medium post/comic by @iantang, Start saying "Thank You" instead of "Sorry".
@rrhoover yup! that post is part of the backstory we put up on Medium and will be a @buffer @pablo tweet later today
@rrhoover Wow that cartoon really drove the point home. I wouldn't use an extension like this because I think a softer email suits my offline persona better but that cartoon will stick with me.
I'm no expert, but it just seems that this could be a big deal some day. Sorry in advance!
@merket haha. Glad we could make you laugh