Just Mayo

Fake Chicken Eggs = Healthier sustainable options

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Took me a minute to realize this was a tech company
If I'm not mistaken, Bill Gates has a stake in this company...there was a lot written about them a few months ago. People say it really does taste like eggs, but it's hard for me to believe that people will jump on the synthetic food bandwagon. Personally-- If it tastes good, I'm down :-) In Israel they have vegan shwarma and it's delicious!
Yea i just read some more after posting, and they have a # of big time investors. I agree, if it tastes the same, count me in!
I think they were wise to start with mayo because you don't think so much about where mayo comes from...if someone said "Do you want synthetic scrambled eggs?" I might make a face, but if someone says "Do you want egg-free mayo?" I'd be like "Yeah sure, whatever..."
This looks very cool and the video is very well done. I think its essential for something like this with all the skeptics out there. Would love to try to cook with these products!