Just Focus is a free chrome extension that helps you avoid distractions and enables you to focus on your real work. Simply add a website to your block list and hit "Start Focusing" –– you’ll increase your working efficiency and get more done.

We waste hours a day scrolling through social media. Just Focus helps you get your time back.

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Hey PH πŸ‘‹ Focusing is hard!! Over the past week, Darshil, Maas, and I hacked together this dead-simple (completely free) chrome extension. Simply add a distracting website to your "Block List" and hit "Start Focusing" - you'll spend less time scrolling down social media feeds and more time getting work done. We found alternatives to be too bulky for our taste. We hope you will appreciate the simplicity and ease of use of our app. Let us know what you think! πŸ˜„ Also, shared some thoughts on https://hackernoon.com/the-best-...
Maybe you can add a competitive element to this as a reward mechanism. It's hard to enforce discipline without reward.
@dilan Yeah, I think that's a good idea. We've been experimenting with a few gamification ideas...would be curious to hear if you had any you'd like to see :)
Really cool extension, I've been using DistractOff but somehow I think will switch to this one. I really like showing an inspirational quote every time you go to a distracting website and this tiny details really matter. Cool feature would be "add this website", is just easier than coping and pasting an URL. Design advice here: It would be great if the "Start focusing" button was at the top, because when you add a lot of sites you have to scroll down to click every time you want to focus.
@diogomartf BTW I noticed that you don't have to copy the whole URL β€” a substring seems enough (actually a RegExp, I just checked).

Works perfectly


Easy and simple