Jungle Scout

A "black hat" tool for Amazon sellers

#5 Product of the DayAugust 29, 2015

Jungle Scout will be your personal Amazon products detective and your profit advisor. It is a software that evaluates price, profit, sales data, conversion rates and so on to upgrade your FBA business.

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I use Jungle Scout Pro edition, found it very helpful in making a once tedious process fast, organized, and insightful.
I use this everyday! and teach about it at importstartup.com
@mikeeshattuck Oh my! 🙀 Discovering this tool and a your course at the same time has absolutely made my day! As it seems you're super familiar with this add-on - can you let us know if there's a killer feature differentiation between the regular and pro version? Also - how important is this tool in your overall FBA business?
@suparchie Pro uses your seller account Api to do a bunch of stuff, jungle scout is the best way to research on Amazon. I have a bunch of videos that show how to use it on YouTube https://youtu.be/ujpykpWIe1o
@mikeeshattuck Have gone through most of the course this weekend - great stuff! Will check out your JS video links 😺
@mikeeshattuck How is the data generated?
I love this product. It is rare to find something that makes online selling even easier
"Black hat" isn't the best way to explain this 😟 it's way better then that
Agreed, it isn't "black hat" at all, it just scrapes all publicly available data from Amazon listings and formats it in easy to interpret data sets. Based on the Best Seller Rating, it estimates monthly sales based on current and historical data for the given category.