June Oven is the do-it-all oven and makes cooking perfectly easy. June is seven appliances in one -convection countertop oven, air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster and warming drawer. We’ve made the new June better than ever by integrating valuable user feedback and data from the first generation June Oven. Buy yours today for $599!

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It’s an exciting day here at June! Today we launched our second generation June Oven. When we shipped our first oven in December 2016, Nikhil, I and the June team set out to make the best countertop convection oven that could bake, broil, roast, toast and reheat. Now 18 months later, June is seven appliances in one and can do so much more including slow cook, air fry, dehydrate and keep warm. We’re constantly adding more features with frequent over the air software updates. We’ve made the new June even better than ever by integrating valuable user feedback and data from the first generation June Oven. Our current owners love their June Oven and find that they don’t use their big oven or toaster anymore, and rarely use the microwave. They don’t even use the stovetop as much. Ovens are shipping today, so order yours now to join the June community and start making cooking perfectly easy. Psst.. we’ve got a great deal for Product Hunters. Get $100 off your first order on juneoven.com with code “PH100”!
@mvanhorn -- congrats! I don't recall seeing a countertop over (including June gen 1) that can air fry or dehydrate food. Are these new features on the second gen June?
@mvanhorn @farhad_farahbakhshian Our first generation June Oven also air fries, dehydrates and slow cooks and everything that the second generation June Oven does. With over the air software updates, June Ovens are constantly improving and getting new features and we're building new hardware into ovens with software updates.
Congrats on the launch! I can't say enough good things about the June oven. Been using it since the first gen originally launched. Also, the fact that you can get one right now for $500 is a steal! My wife loves it and we cook from it primarily over our traditional oven. The only time we really use our standard oven is for cooking a turkey because of the size... that is it! I love seeing this company continue to innovate. I do highly recommend this oven to anyone.
I actually just got an air fryer. Why would I use June instead of the one I already have?? How has the AI matured from gen 1?
@alli_rath The Air Fry function in the June is particularly fantastic because there's an immediate, intense hot air 'blast' the outside of the ingredient that mimics the cooking process of deep frying. Because the Air Fry is at such a hot temperature, the ingredient undergoes a Maillard reaction on its outside, gaining that nice golden color and crisp texture we associate with fried foods, but without needing any oil. Unlike the other Air Fryers on the market, the June has such a quick preheat time and great air circulation that you have more flexibility in the types of batter (or no matter) you choose, and air-fried items are cooked perfectly all-around in much less time. Hope that helps!

I'm an early product adopter and have been a June Oven (1st Gen) owner since it first hit the market in 2016. From Day 1 it's proven it's worth. At this new price, it is a steal.

Before the June, I was the primary cook in our household and within a year my wife and two young kids (10 and 7) were all contributing thanks to the June. It just makes cooking easy and as my kids like to tell guests and their friends it's a "Magic Oven." We definitely eat at home more which has saved on the cost of going out that further justifies the cost.

It has become a daily part of our lives and replaced our need for our toaster, oven and at times the stove top. And with the ability to monitor cooking via the app and interact with using Alexa it's become a seamless part of our household.

With any new product, it may have hiccups, but the team has done an amazing job building this because for us it has been extremely rare and even if you have an issue the customer service is amazing and quick to respond.

Give the June a try. You'll be surprised at how it can change your life.


You'll become a good cook! Luxury-quality design, simple UI (even kids can use it!), great customer service and air updates add big value.


Sticker-shock may turn people away from what is a great and useful product.

My wife and I use our june oven all the time. Quality is great, cooks so much better than our traditional oven. When people come over, especially around the holidays they are amazed!


Quality, size, and most important... ease of use! I can't recommend this oven enough. My wife and I have the 1st Gen June oven and love it!


Was price but at $500 it is a steal. Only con is that you can't cook a big turkey with it?