Jukely Unlimited Concerts

All the concerts you can go to for only $25 per month.

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These guys are changing the game.
Wait - am I missing something? This is nothing more than a landing page. How is this not hidden away as something that is super pre-launch? @rrhoover? @ErikTorenberg?
@sanjay Hunter here. I think that even if it's just a landing page right now, the product is pretty much self-explanatory and the landing does a great job explaining what it's gonna do. So even if it's not available to everybody yet, that doesn't mean that it's not a product which we can discuss here.
@sanjay This is a new feature/product from an existing VC-backed team that already has a great app on the market. See my previous hunt way back in December here.
$25? How awesome is that!
@tylr still gotta iron out some of the details, but we should be sharing more very soon!
More awesome stuff from the guys at Jukely...