Jukely 2.0

Go to hundreds of concerts for one monthly fee πŸ’ƒ

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I'm a BIG fan of Jukely. Along with Spotify and Netflix, it's one of the few services I pay for. They've been around a little while but recently redesigned the entire app and got rid of ticket sales entirely to move toward a monthly subscription model. Most companies tend to add more features and functionality. Killing things off, especially those that generate revenue, is hard to do. Props to the team for narrowing their focus.
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@rrhoover I'm curious what their addressable market size is. Movie theaters offer similar subscription deals but they're actually pretty expensive. How will this business grow/be profitable?
@rrhoover Yep, that's the triumverate (and between a tribe of four, add in HBO Now, Hulu as shared accounts) - all for under the cost of a timesuck cable package. Anyway, $45 for me and a friend to go to as many shows as we want in a town like Austin? Done and done.
i work at atlantic records handling shows for our artists and have heard nothing but great things bout jukely from venue managers. pretty brilliant idea and relationships/deals with venues and have been able to score a lot of last min tix for "free" including hard festival and couple shows that sold out and released tix last min before doors opened. congrats @jukely
I LOVE Jukely in Chicago. It's paid for itself so many times over. New app is great, and agree with Ryan, very clutch move focusing on the subscription service and killing the ticket sales.
Beautiful job @xbora
I use it religiously in Portland. Probably average about $300 worth of tickets a month. It's a great excuse to see new artists, great for dates, and I don't feel bad leaving early if it's not my thing because it feels like a free ticket.