Collaborative music player

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Great execution! This could really take off. Would love to see: - Moderation Tools - Social Features (Chat, etc) - SoundCloud Support - Playlist Import (From YouTube/Soundcloud)
@livejamie definitely a +1 on the soundcloud support!
This is probably the best turntable.fm (RIP) reimagining I've seen. We're hanging out at http://jukebox.today/producthunt. cc @seth @buckwilson @billychasen ๐ŸŽถ
@rrhoover @seth @buckwilson @billychasen Glad you like it! Me & @dotajames built it a while back - if you have any ideas for updates, let us know @TeamJukebox :)
This is so awesome! Really dig the smooth design
@philipkuklis thanks Philip! Was a tricky app to design, glad you like it :) We have a few updates planned, you can follow @TeamJukebox to be notified of them
A friend (@hakJav) made this - I've sent it to him and he should be in soon to answer any questions.
@simonredwards thanks for the heads up buddy :)
Loving it but seems a bit buggy at the moment :( songs keep skipping randomly. would be awesome to see who played a certain song Is there a way to have private rooms too? Would love to kick people out for adding shit music too...
@bentossell Password protected rooms are something we have planned. For now just choosing a fairly unguessable room name should work for keeping it private. And as mentioned below, moderation controls for public rooms is next on our list. The general idea is for the list of music on the left to act as a queue for the room, which plays through automatically, so there's not really such a thing as who played a song. But you can see who added each song by hovering your mouse over.
@dotajames yeh I see the added by... but if a song starts playing that wasnt next in line it would be interesting if an issue or whether someone chose it.
@bentossell Yup good point. I suppose it's the same for all room-wide events (pausing, skipping to next song, deleting from the playlist, etc). Maybe a room feed showing events combined with chat would be useful for public rooms?
@dotajames I think avoid the chat... a bit unnecessary IMO and will just get too busy Could have the person who set up the room as the one with the power to delete songs etc