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Thanks @kevando_ for hunting JQBX! I created JQBX to make music social again! I don't know how everyone else has been feeling- but listening to music all day has become a challenge and often a bore. It's hard to find new music and when I do there's no one to share my excitement with. JQBX lets you listen / play music in sync with friends or public groups. You can take the reigns and DJ a room with friends / members of the JQBX community or you can just sit back and discover new tracks for every taste and mood. I've been using it personally for the last few weeks and, thanks to the growing community, my repertoire of new music has grown immensely. It's also saved me time because I no longer have to pick 8 hours of music every day, I can sit back and have likeminded music junkies choose great stuff for me :). Hope you'll give it a try and possibly join the community. Looking forward to any and all feedback!
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@the_best_agency Its the fucking bomb
@kevando_ right back at you dude!
I was a huge fan of turntable.fm and have been looking for something to scratch that itch for a long time since it's been gone. IMO, this app is even better than the old site. Integrating with Spotify and my playlists makes it so much easier to find music and instantly lets me save my favorite songs that come on. The chat feature is also a major upgrade from the old turntable site. I'm really excited to seeing how this app develops- I've made a few suggestions to @the_best_agency for improvements and he's been very responsive to improving the product. I'm a big fan and look forward to seeing where this goes in the future with more users on the app.
@sean_zigelbaum thanks I'm really glad you like it! I agree- having everything in one place just makes sense. It's really motivating to hear you're a fan of the work I put in, I'll be sure to keep on making it better in the future. As always, keep the feedback coming!
A friend showed me JQBX a few weeks back and since then I've been on nearly everyday. So much fun, I love it. Are you planning on supporting other streaming services besides Spotify? And when will we get our own dancing avatars? Thanks!
@aidan thanks, I'm really glad you like it! It's definitely possible to support soundcloud in the future so I plan to do that within the next couple months (unless Spotify just buys them first...). Also avatars are definitely on the roadmap + I have a lot of secret next level ways to "game-ify" the app and make it really really ridiculously fun for everyone :).
Do you plan to make this available for platforms other than Spotify?
@savitzaw thanks for asking! I would love to to but it ultimately depends on what kind of API the major music streaming players want to release. So far Spotify is the only one that can do something like this for desktop. There's a chance I can do Apple Music integration for Mobile, but that would add a lot of complexity to make them play nicely together. Also there's also the issue with consistency across the various music libraries. Say you wanted to play Chance the Rapper when he was an exclusive to Apple Music, you would have a lot of disappointed Spotify users in the room! Perhaps one day the very competitive/complex music streaming industry will settle down and become more standardized but until then I think any 'live' and 'indie' music app like this one will have to pick a side or release several different versions.
@the_best_agency makes a lot of sense! I prefer Spotify anyway!