Beautiful social media platform dedicated solely to events

Joyn'it is a combination of social media platform dedicated solely to event creation and management with a smart synchronizable calendar that is used to tell you if people are busy or not on different dates. Eliminates the need for Doodle.

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Hey @sid_gandhi, Can you tell us more about what you and the team have built here? What aspect are you most proud of?
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@jacqvon Thanks for the question! Love the Product Hunt Platform, and we're a big fan of all Product Hunters!! We started with why: We realized that social media isn't social any more. You'll likely never hear anybody ever saying that they had a great time on Facebook Saturday night. Social Media platforms are built to keep you on the social media platforms. This is in my opinion why Joyn'it differs from the rest. We are dedicated solely to hangouts, group activities and events and we do not run ads on Joyn'it. Our biggest metric for success is how many times you get out of the house and hang out with those that you care about. So we don't care how much time you spend on Joyn'it (although we make it fun for you while you do) - we care about how often you're getting out of the house and doing fun stuff. For the individual user, we're super proud of the fact that when inviting your friends to hang out, you don't have to bother with Doodle polls anymore to figure out when they're free because Joyn'it has a Smart Date Finder that tells you when people are available (thanks to the calendar integration feature we've added to the platform). For Community users, we have the ability to create communities with as many individuals subscribed to your community as you like. What I'm proudest of is that Joyn'it provides community organizers to decide whether or not they want to active or passively promote their event. If they choose to passively promote their event, then all community members will be able to see the next community event on their Event Feeds. If they choose to actively promote their event, all community members will receive a notification for the next event! Each event has a dedicated event page like a website that you might create for your event as well. This includes a super intuitive discussion section that is available to all attendees! This eliminates the need for email back and forth. Currently, most people use several different platforms to create, organize and promote their hangouts and events. They use Doodle to find out when people are available, they use Group chats such as Whatsapp to discuss locations and talk about whether or not people will come to the event, they use Facebook to create larger scale events, and then they have to manually add all events into their calendars. Joyn'it allows you to do all that in one single platform in a super intuitive way. That's a brief overview of why I'm proud of our company - Joyn'it! I would encourage all of you to sign up by downloading the app ( or by using our web app: Sign in with the sponsor code SIDDYG to connect with me, or with the Sponsor code "NewJoyner" to connect with a community of new Joyners on Joyn'it! Create your events and get out of your house.
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Hello! Just download it! Have a code? I’m cool @said_gandhi
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@chinozc sure use the code "NEWJOYNER" and youre all set! You will have your own personal sponsor code that you can invite your friends with after that!
great app!!
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you've been working on this for a year?? wow
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What events do you publish?
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@igityan_hayarpy our users create the content! It can be any event - currently there are 4 types: Foody, Culture, Party and Sport. Individuals create events with their friends and colleagues, communities create events for their members. :) Hope that helps!
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