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Hi Product Hunt! Founder of Joy here. I've been working on Joy for the past few months as a way to get people talking about their mental health and to help them become the best version of themselves. I started working on Joy after coming to the realization that we track our steps, heartbeat, calories burned and more each and every day. But why are we not also tracking our mental health? Today I'm launching a new project I've been working on called Joy that helps anyone do just that. Joy checks in with you once a day and asks how your day was. Joy can detect if you're feeling stressed or unhappy and offer tips on how to de-stress or improve your happiness. I wrote more about how Joy works and why I'm building it here: Happy to answer any questions about Joy, building bots, ai, mental health, etc!
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@dannyfreed awesome product Danny, and a truly awesome cause! quick technical question here, what are the reasons you built Joy on FB messenger and Slack instead of your own messaging platform?
@yaekyum Thanks Yaekyum! The main reason was for speed. No need to reinvent the wheel. Building my own messaging platform means I need to invest the time + resources into the platform itself (UI, security, server architecture, etc.) along with building the actual emotional intelligence that Joy requires. Plus, everyone is already on Facebook Messenger and Slack, so it's just an uphill battle to convince them to download another app AND use Joy.
@dannyfreed I see, thanks for the detailed feedback. Whenever you decide to give a shot at going independent, let me know (@sendbird)! Good luck with the launch Danny.
Love how this addresses mental health in a non-invasive way. I tested Joy, it's smart and works great!
I'm using Joy for a month now. Not daily but every other day. It's kind of nice to get the mood chart and have a little overview on what you did.
@cptmuh Thanks Robert! How has Joy changed (if at all) your mood over the past month?
Awesome, loved the onboarding process. Looking forward to my first check-in
Brilliant idea. Seamless onboard and fun first day check-in/entry. Excited to make this a part of my daily health routine