Journeys by Remote Year

New cities 🌍 New friends 👫 New life ✨

Remote Year, the leader in the work and travel industry, is bringing you on a Journey—an opportunity to put your typical day-to-day life on pause to allow for transformative personal and professional growth over the course of two weeks.

Pursue your unique purpose in Valencia, Spain or learn how to take your job remote in Mexico City, Mexico with people, places and programming that inspire remarkable change. Come chow down on paella and tacos or sip on sangria and mezcal with us!

We’ve guided more than 1,000 freelancers, entrepreneurs and full-time employees through their quest to build a future defined by purpose, freedom and adventure.

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Throughout the last three years of running more than 20 different Remote Year programs, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to go remote, how to make the lifestyle sustainable and the personal and professional growth that comes from leaving your comfort zone. We’ve witnessed the authentic collaboration that comes from being surrounded by a diverse community and the life shifts that materialize from finding inspiration in different places and connecting with people around the world. With Journeys, we’ve create a concentrated, two-week experience that makes this inspiration, growth and community accessible to even more people. Our first two Journeys will be Pursuing Purpose in Valencia, Spain and Road to Remote in Mexico City, Mexico. What other Journey themes would you like to see in the future? PH Exclusive! We are giving away a 10% discount to the first 10 people who book either Journey from Product Hunt. Just mention Product Hunt in your application to receive the discount.
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Hey @gdcaplan ! A Journey like an extended start up type weekend would be pretty cool!
@gdcaplan @tylertaboada Love that idea!
@tylertaboada very cool idea! We should do that :)
We’re planning a PH team offsite later in the year for 5-7 days. Have you had many companies use Remote Year, @gdcaplan?
@gdcaplan @rrhoover Hi Ryan! We’ve partnered with many companies for Remote Year’s 4 and 12 Month Programs. We haven’t explored hosting company retreats yet, but that’s a great idea and would love to see how we can collaborate! Would love to chat more!
@rrhoover That is a great idea! Let's chat through it. Shoot me a note at and we'll set something up.
@remoteyear @gdcaplan awesome! Will sync with @jacqvon on our team. :)
@gdcaplan @rrhoover @remoteyear @jenna_winn Hey Jenna & Greg! I'll be in working on the planning and would love to see if we can collaborate 👏 Emailing now-

Journey's are an awesome way that people can experience what it is like to be a part of the Remote Year community! It's a hyper condensed version of our experience; 2 weeks, thrown into our community, surrounded by innovative thinkers in some of the most beautiful places in the world.


Getting to experience a Remote Year program for people looking to try out the nomad life RY lifestyle!


Less time traveling the world.

Hey Isa! I’m new to the group and just did my telephone interview. I’m so excited I can hardly sleep.
Perfect for people who want to test out the digital nomad lifestyle, connect with other amazing and adventurous souls and have a small taste of what a filly year of adventure could lead to!
@jpelizzon spot on Jeanette :) thanks for the note!
Greetings from Remote Year Sonder! I'd love Journeys focused on learning a specific skill. A 2-week bootcamp focused on coding, or digital marketing, or graphic design or photography... Kind of like a 2-week long knowledge drop that could help you pivot towards a job that could lead towards a remote job -- all while getting to enjoy the perks of being remote!
@johndlim That's an awesome idea! I love it :)
@johndlim @melissa_sara amazing idea!! Thanks John!