Fast, local, linked notes

Jott is a note-taking system, with superfast local notes, to help you better organize & use your knowledge. Connect similar ideas with bidirectional links or share note titles e.i to suggest note topics to others.
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This looks really cool and I plan to use it, but could you add a simple guided tutorial for people like me who don't understand how to use it right away?
@panphora Thank you πŸ‘ and yes I think that's a good idea. Did the popups at the bottom help?
@panphora @dijkstrah_ I second this motion. I don't get how to use it. Also I didn't get any popups at the bottom and the sign in page looks completely broken. I'm on Mac safari. In fact...
@panphora @mickc79 Oh wow that is broken - serves me right for not testing. Will get on that ASAP.
Came here from the fifty newsletter, love the simplicity of the product, Good luck!
@suibinhong Thank you πŸ™Œ
Loved how simple it is to get started, no signups
@fayeed_pawaskar Thank you πŸ™Œ the goal was to keep things simple and straightforward!
Jott looks really cool congrats! When prompting someone else to create a note, would they create a note on their local Jott or on mine? (if mine, I imagine I would need to sign in to get my notes stored in the cloud right?)
@zmiro Thank you πŸ™Œ and when prompting someone else - the note would be created on their local Jott. The only time when you need to sign up if when you want to save & sync your notes.
Hello Hessel, I like the simplicity of Jott. Another thing is this approach of try now, signup later. πŸ‘
@bruno_raljic Thank you πŸ™Œ I was going for simple, clean an easy to use. I actually have a commenter on Hacker News to thank for the try-first approach - used to have a hard sign-in wall.