JotForm and are on a quest to organize work and make teams more productive. This integration automatically turns JotForm form responses into items or updates in, where your team can collaborate to get things done.
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It’s finally here. We’re so excited to bring and JotForm together so that our users can enjoy a powerful way to boost productivity and performance. Companies all over the world use JotForm to send requests to various teams within an organization. Now, with this new integration, those requests immediately turn into actionable items or updates in Please let me know if you have any feedback. We hope you enjoy!
Looks cool! I only gave one question... We’ve been trying for a week to create forms that integrate between Typeform and Airtable. The one feature that’s been missing is to create a drop down list that displays alternatives from a database. If that can be done you just got yourself a power user 😊
@890622joachim Hi Joachim! Thanks for your comment. Actually we are receiving this drop down list request from our users who are using JotForm's Salesforce and Airtable integrations as well. We'll look into it!
Love this one - makes data sync much easier!