Simplest notes app for the Mac Menu Bar the world has seen.

Jot is that random piece of notes paper that lives in your Mac Menu Bar. It's also open source.
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Hey guys! I made Jot as a personal challenge to build and ship an open source project in 24h, while in lockdown 😬 πŸ˜„. I came up with Jot - it is the simplest notes app that lives in the Mac menu bar. I found myself needing a place for short lived storage for notes, ideas, things-to-tweet, clearing out formatting from clipboard that I could quickly access. Although it's a bit of a sin to create any kind of notes app nowadays πŸ˜„ I couldn't find something that is that simple. There's really nothing to configure, it saves as you type. It's also useful for keeping a floating window for referencing info while switching between windows and tasks. So there you go, world has another notes app. Hope you like it!
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This is a fantastic idea! I'm always needing something quick and easy to hold temporary notes. This is good!
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is it just the one page? What's the difference between this and stickies?
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I think this is exactly what I need. Thank you.
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Great, minimalist product!
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