List making browser extension that replaces the new tab page

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Similar to one of my early favorite hunts by @nayafia, Momentum. I tend not to stick with to-do lists but when it's in your face 1,000's of times/day (whenever you open a new tab in Chrome), it makes it hard to ignore.
@rrhoover Exactly. I think it adds a level of efficiency to the browser. Btw, passing on info for Jot's creator in case he can get in on the conversation:
Creator here! This was definitely inspired by Momentum and feedback is appreciated!
@mc_hagan Love it but we should be able to change the font size and choose whether to have changing backgrounds or a permanent unchanging one.
@mc_hagan Hi Matt. Just installed the extension. Great idea but I'm not going to be able to live with that design. Basic formatting option (background / font / frame) would come in very handy.
I really love Work Flowy if anyone has ever tried that. If I were a Chrome user, might give this whirl. Right now I'm whiteboard-dependent.
Striking design and useful tool. I was going to complain that some of us need to open new tabs dozens of times a day and would want that ability. I see that you can still do that, too (while getting a reminder of your tasks/notes/whatever)! Excellent. Am going to use and recommend. Thanks! Well done, @mc_hagan. And good find, @urbnist