Ever write yourself notes and/or emails? Enter Jot

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Hi guys, built Jot over a weekend 2 weeks ago – something I'd been meaning to do for a while. Like all of us I'm sure, things pop into my mind all the time, whether I'm in the middle of working, at an event, meeting, etc. These thoughts can be anything from ideas, things to think about, suggestions or todos. It's typically painful to capture these thoughts in the moment and so I would generally think to myself, "I'll remember that" when most of the time either I forgot completely, or I'd remember a week later; by which time it was too late. For a while now I've been emailing myself, which works (since we all live in our inbox) but it frustrated me that my inbox would get clogged up with my notes. Jot is optimised for speed and convenience: open the app and immediately capture what's on your mind. Add as many as you need to throughout the day and receive a single morning email (7am) with all the Jots associated with that day. Jot is also internationally aware meaning you can be anywhere in the world and you'll receive your email at the correct time. Note: it doesn't track your location, rather it uses your device's locale. Jot is free to Product Hunters today and tomorrow, paid download from Friday :) I would love to hear your feedback & thoughts!
@dan_hopwood love the concept of compiling the emails into a digest, as the overload/noise is a major problem you run into with the "email yourself" model. I've done toooooons of user research on that behavior if you ever want to compare notes. Just as a heads up, I couldn't find Jot when I searched "Jot" on the app store. I searched "Jot notes" and it was still like the 10th one to the right. @Kane - funny story to your funny story, we almost named Fetchnotes Jot too! We were at a Startup Weekend and decided to stay away when we noticed was owned by Google :)
Yesterday, a similar "email yourself quickly" app was posted called Noto by @kane. I like that it batches all notes for the day into a single email. Smart, @dan_hopwood. Are you planning to make updates to this or is it just a weekend project?
@rrhoover Interesting, hadn't seen Noto – amusing how similar the design is! Great minds @kane :) I suspect both took inspiration from Captio, which has been around a while now. Actually it was the limitations of Captio (1 email per note) that motivated me to build Jot (and hence the daily grouping feature). Re the future, while simple, I love the concept and have some ideas where it can go over time. This will of course be influenced by the users/feedback and observing how people are using the app.
@dan_hopwood funny story - @danielsuo and I almost named Noto Jot! Great minds indeed.
I send myself notes all the time, and I've used Captio a lot. Checking out Jot and Noto now. Nice!
@dan_hopwood You tweeted me to check Jot out because it was simliar to Noto 2 days ago. Must of been after this post lol.
Might want to put up a few more screenshots of the app, my immediate question was 'what does settings' do. I'm hoping for the same opt-in features I asked @kane wrt Noto.
Canadians would love to use this app, I bet. Sadly, not available in our store just yet.
@jameskoole I'll fix that soon, thanks James :)
@dan_hopwood Cool. We Canadians like apps too and sending feedback, eh?
@dan_hopwood @jameskoole how soon is soon? Would love to try this in the Netherlands! Can you let me know when it ships?
nice and clean. Downloaded it and will leave a review in the next day or so. (Hey, everyone else that downloads it- do review it. Initial app reviews really do help at launch).
@SacBookReviewer thanks Ross, much appreciated