DIY kit to help makers' startups get press coverage

Jona is a do-it-yourself kit for makers to get press coverage for their startups. It gives makers lifetime access to a database of journalists, a step-by-step PR guide, strategy help, pitch templates and access to the community.

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I think there are a lot of similar tools on the market. What are the advantages of your product that will make me and other people choose Jona over it's analogs?
@hr_ant99 Hey there, thanks for checking out Jona! Here are a couple of points: 1. We have manually created the journalist database by assigning relevant beats to each journalist. This makes it really easy find the relevant journalists for your startup. Most existing tools out there either don't provide that or are too expensive ($1000+). 2. Jona comes with Lifetime access at one-time payment of $199. No monthly recurring charges on your credit card. And all the updates are free. If you use it even for 2 years, the price comes down to $8/month. Whereas PR software charge anywhere from $40/month to $200/month for limited access to media contacts 3. We also help you personally to kickstart your PR efforts. That's something quite unique I believe :) 4. Unlike other tools, we also provide PR guide, templates, Angles & access to the community. The idea behind Jona is to provide everything that is necessary for a founder to execute PR campaigns, at a price that is affordable. Happy to hear your thoughts on how we can improve Jona!
@jitsalunke Great! I think these benefits of your product are quite enough for me to be ensured that Jona is one of the best( if not the best haha) on the market. Thanks for your thorough reply. Good luck!
Thanks Kevin ( @kwdinc ) for hunting Jona! We are thrilled and equally nervous to launch Jona! Doing PR for startups is quite expensive, considering the cost of PR agencies as well as PR tools. We wanted to create an affordable way for makers to get press coverage, without having to pay hefty monthly fees. Jona gives you unlimited lifetime access to media database, pr guide, templates, community and personal support from us. Price? Just one time payment of $199. No monthly charges, no extra charge for updates. We have 20% discount for Product Hunters with coupon code "weloveph" Hope you like Jona. Happy to hear questions, suggestions and criticism.
Jona has been immensely helpful for us to find relevant journalists and carry out PR without spending any extra money. Lifetime access offers incredible value if you compare it with $60/month PR software. Highly recommended.
I've worked together with Jit on launching Gasket and their product was of great use to us. They've found the right journalists for us to talk to and landed us at least one placement so far. Jona is a great thing for startups in the need for some PR.
@hendi1 Thanks a lot Hendi!
Hello Product Hunters, quite excited to get featured on Product Hunt 4th time. For Jona, we decided to do away with a traditional landing page and instead focus on creating more natural and personalized experience for Product Hunters on the website. Jona is a great option for makers who are looking to get press coverage for their startups. Here are 5 reasons why we think Jona is quite valuable: 1. Get everything you need for PR: Media Database, Templates, Guide, Strategy support and Community. 2. Personal help from us to get your first coverage 3. No hefty fees to PR agencies and software. 4. Community of makers to help each other with PR 5. Lifetime updates are free. We hope you like Jona. Feel free to ask questions you have. Cheers,
@jitsalunke How wide is the categorization of the journalists' beats? We are working on something non-tech (omg, and I post here? ;) and want to reach places like Good Morning America and some of the national publications that do "Best Holiday Gift Guides". Thanks!
@weinberg81 Hey Dave, thanks for asking. The beats are usually like Tech, Science, Business, Lifestyle, Travel, Consumer, Mobile, Health, AI, Gadgets, etc. And we cover national publications as well. So I think you can find out good no. of journalists from Lifestyle, Consumer, etc. And if you don't find enough, we will personally help you find more more :)
@jitsalunke Fantastic! Thanks :)
@weinberg81 Cool! Looking forward to see you signing up to Jona :)
@weinberg81 hey Dave. I've placed my own companies on GMA and today show several times plus hundreds of gift guides. If you want to chat: