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With Jolly, being a freelancer or gig worker doesn’t mean building a career alone: Jolly helps you grow your network & reputation so you can find more opportunities. Jolly’s also a middleman-free marketplace to hire/get hired: we never take a cut, from anyone.
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👋 Hi! I'm Shelby, co-founder and CEO of Jolly. We've been working hard on Jolly and we're so excited to share it with all of you. Jolly is a professional community—for freelancers, gig workers and independent workers of all types—with tools to: • Establish, build and own your reputation as an independent worker • Grow your professional network of connections to people and businesses • Work together freely without anyone taking a cut • Get support, ask questions and share information in a community of independent workers helping each other We've had over 40,000 independent workers and over 500 businesses join Jolly so far! 🚀 Why does the world need Jolly? In some profound ways, the gig economy is failing independent workers. We need an entirely new set of rules which are more humane and equitable, and we call this new set of rules the Trust Economy. Jolly is the platform that enables the Trust Economy to exist. In the Trust Economy, • People—not platforms—own their reputation data and their network of contacts • We can work together freely without middlemen • The highest relationship is the service relationship between worker and client, not between middleman and client 💬❤️ Feedback  Please let me know if you have any questions, feedback or find things we should fix. We're constantly improving Jolly and your input can have a big impact. - Shelby
Love the copy on the new website and I can’t wait to see Jolly in action not just in the US but around the world as well. I’m curious to understand more about the industries you have in your pipeline and how you’re thinking about what sorts of freelancers can benefit the most from Jolly. Thanks and all the best!
@nikhiljoisr thanks for the questions! Our 40,000+ users are mostly “front line” workers who do work out in the physical world, like drivers, servers, bartenders, cleaners, etc. But, increasingly, we’re seeing remote workers sign up too, like graphic designers, writers and programmers. WRT industries: Businesses use Jolly in a similar manner to how they use UpWork, but without the big fees. Jolly is great for food-related businesses (warehousing, restaurants, grocery, delivery, etc.), SMBs like cleaning crews or security, and definitely Events as economies open back up.
So much yes here... the worker has always been the real hero of the on-demand economy story. It's your reputation, your labor and your investment that drives the platform forward. Great work team Jolly on putting the focus right where it belongs!
@joshualipton "It's your reputation, your labor and your investment that drives the platform forward" — Totally agree. Thanks for the kind words.
As an event professional for over 20 years, I believe this service will change the game for our industry.
@lisa_hickey Great to hear this from someone with so much experience!
Jolly's mission is critical to helping independent workers take control of their careers, their reputation and hold employers accountable. It's amazing to finally see a network that will help us recover from the economic downturn in a manner that provides more respect and more transparency for gig workers. I can't wait to see this network grow and fulfill its mission.
Thanks @n8taylor — I love this: "helping independent workers take control of their careers, their reputation and hold employers accountable"