#4 Product of the DayDecember 22, 2017

Jokely is an app where you can hear people tell funny jokes and you can vote them up or down.

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Ha! This is a neat idea. Alternative tagline: Tinder for jokes.
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@rrhoover Ooh I love that. Can I steal it Ryan??
@rrhoover Neat Idea with poor UI #sorry
At Laughly, we've always wanted to create an app where you anyone can be the comedian. So here it is. On Jokely, anyone can record a joke. And then other people in the community can decide if the joke is funny or not by swiping right or left. It's very addictive!
I like the idea very much - when is the android version coming?
@kabaros Oh man, you found our achilles heel. We're better at developing OPS apps. Hopefully, we'll roll it out soon!
But Tinder is a joke.
@theashtube OMG! You need to record that and upload it to our app.
The idea is above and beyond!
@akimovnv Thanks Nikita!!!