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Hello, I may not be the best candidate for this kind of product as I am not a recruitment agencies but the geographic search is key to me. I would LOVE to find all jobs from companies that are located within 10km of my house, right now it's just hard to make this kind of search. If one day you get enough jobs volume, think to make a public search engine with number of results, I would pay to get the full list. Good luck guys
@clement_chazarra Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Clement. The location-oriented search that you're indicating might very well fit into a B2C model that caters to job seekers. JobsPikr however is for job boards and recruiting agencies looking to find leads or perform analytics on jobs from across cities in a particular geo. Hopefully sometime soon we'll allow a location search feature to drill down to job listings within individual neighborhoods to perform some analytics on top of all of this data. Thanks again!
Noah Kim
Product Design @ FB
@clement_chazarra Hi Clement! See that progress bar in my status? What you're talking about is exactly what we're working on. We're basically taking the concept of a powerful ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that HR dept's use to manage jobs and candidates, and flipping it on its head and making the "reverse" version for job seekers. No promise of an ETA, but we're hoping for a v1 (v.9b?) ;) within a couple months.
Antonio BolognaFullstack Architect & UI mastery
@clement_chazarra You're looking for Google Jobs... is in Alpha, but expect very soon to be integrated into job boards :)
Dear ProductHunters, Excited to launch JobsPikr! JobsPikr is a hosted solution that helps job boards and recruitment agencies find jobs directly from company websites on a daily basis. Its autoextract algorithm extracts job related details from career pages and further from job listings. A typical job would consist of fields like job title, location, date the job was posted and job description. All this data can be downloaded in any of CSV, XML or JSON formats depending on your application of these feeds. You can segregate the jobs you'd like to receive by geographies. Currently we cover US, Europe, Australia and India, while we continue to add more sources and regions. Signing up is simple as pie- Pik your region (and additional sites), subscribe to your selection and start downloading data directly from JobsPikr or using its API. Eager to hear your views. Happy Jobs Piking :) Best, Arpan
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We're incredibly happy to get featured on Product Hunt. Please feel free to give your feedback and ask us anything! @riaface Thanks for hunting us!
Andrew BeckerWhat to Build, Why, a Little Bit How
The bundles are interesting for small targeted job boards but do you have any offering for county or global scale job listings (similar to LinkUp)?
@andrew_becker Adding global bundles is on our roadmap provided we get enough indication for global listings than regional that we assumed.