Easily learn new skills with tasks and personalized content

I like the tree-like presentation, revealing more relevant information as you provide more context of what you're trying to do. @nikDOTca may have an opinion on this. Also cc'ing @rklusas and @mishachellam.
Awesome! Thanks for the feature guys :) I'm Ed, co-founder of jobfoundry. Ask me anything! We launched this public demo of a week or so back. If you have a chance to take a look, I'd love to hear your honest, critical feedback in this short survey: If this demo is successful, we'll press on with the full 'personalised learning' app (see where your projects will be totally personalised based on what you're working on, how you learn best, who you prefer to learn from, how much you know etc.
Ask you aaannything??? :) Where did the idea come from, @edfryed?
The idea? An itch to learn things. But, having self-taught myself marketing, website creation etc. I kept running into the same problem. It's not a content problem. There's plenty of great resources out there to help you learn almost anything (From interactive tutorials like Codecademy, video courses on YouTube, Khan Academy etc, solid written tutorials etc.). The problem for getting people going is structuring the content around what they're learning. The aim of jobfoundry is maximise the usefulness of learning. In this case useful is "I want this thing done - I'm not bothered whether I'm a master or not". The kind of productivity-based learning that's common amongst entrepreneurs and jobs with many roles and hats. Other objectives might include mastery "the better I can do this, the happier I will be" as with formal education with credentials, competitive sports etc. We might get to that in time. What really matters for now though is structuring content around what you're working on right now. Facilitating the most personalised learning experience imaginable. Applied to some of the different use cases above, that's the kind of thing that ought to be able to help a lot of people in a significant way. If that sounds interesting, take a look at our blog :)