Share your know-how and expertise with co-workers

Update - Web editor now available at app, Group ID is JobAider.

JobAider is an app for sharing your know how and expertise with your co-workers. You can use video, audio, text, graphics, or existing media. Free to try from the app stores.

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Hey @joehalpinjr, What was your inspiration for building this? What aspect are you most proud of?
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, thanks for the question. Our inspiration was a project we worked on developing job aids for a solar company. They were experiencing many inconsistencies during the installations. We said to ourselves, "Wouldn't it be great if the "expert" installers had an app that let them record video and photograph the correct way to install the system (sort of an on-the-fly job aid) and then quickly share that with the other installers?" So we developed the app. We're most proud of the analytics that are generated by user activity. It's one thing to create and use job aids, or any performance support tool, but the goldmine lies in knowing why, and what for, and who, and how it might impact the work that people do everyday and eventually the business as a whole.
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Hi Product Hunters, this is the JobAider app. It's an enterprise app for sharing how to do things with your co-workers. We call these job aids, you may know them as the "cheat sheets" you use to get your work done. So much of learning and supporting performance is informal, so we developed JobAider to capture that. JobAider is a simple to use app with which you can use video, audio, graphics, text or pre-existing media to create your job aids. But don't let that simplicity fool you. On the back-end we're using the Experience API (xAPI) to track who's creating which job aids and who's using them. It's a great way to discover who the experts are in your company. An administrator can view a dashboard to find answers to a whole host of questions about how people are accomplishing tasks and how that could be impacting the business as a whole. You can try JobAider for free by installing it from the app stores. Let me know what you think.