Joan on tablets

Manage your meeting rooms from your tablet

#2 Product of the DayOctober 01, 2019
Meeting rooms are always taken when you need them the most?
Joan on tablets lets you:
Sync with your existing calendar
✅ Display meeting room status at the door
✅ Book on the spot
✅ Have an overview of room availability
✅ Provide weekly meeting analytics
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108 Reviews4.9/5
Hey fellow Hunters😻! Let me start by thanking @matic_uzmah1 for hunting us. We are really stoked you’ve got trust in our product! My name’s Tilen, and I’m the marketing team lead here at Joan ( We’ve been around for about 4 years already, focusing on high-tech solutions for managing your office spaces and enabling you to meet better. What do we do exactly? We're tackling the issues of double-bookings, meeting room squatters, and meeting interruptions by developing purpose-built devices, Joan. Joan enables booking meetings on the spot, shows the current status of the meeting room and any upcoming meetings. It’s making your office life distraction and hassle-free. Although our customers love our hardware devices, some already have existing AV equipment (ios, android tablets) just waiting to be utilised to their full potential. That’s where Joan on tablets steps in. 🎉Meet Joan on tablets 🎉 Joan on tablets turns any ios or android tablet into a smart meeting room booking solution. And it does so in a matter of minutes. Here are some of the awesome features: ✅Sync it with your existing calendar ✅Display meeting room status at the door ✅Allows you to book rooms on the spot, when you need them the most ✅Have an overview of room availability ✅Get weekly meeting analytics - get insight into what kind of meeting your team has Since this is our first software-only product, we’d love to get feedback from you. Thank you in advance for taking your time and testing it out. If you have any questions, me and my team will gladly answer them. Tilen 📣 📣P.S.In return for your valuable feedback, we would like to offer all fellow hunters a FREE 30 day trial period and a no-credit card sign up. Let us know what you think!📣 📣
@tilenko Joan OT looks great! How about an interview about it at Send me an email to paul(AT) if interested!
@matic_uzmah1 @tilenko Is there an app in the Kindle Fire App Store? We have a bunch of these. These are normal Android tablets, but no access to the Google Play Store.
Since the very beginning, we are using Joan in our offices and I must admit, this thing is amazing! :)
@miha_rajh Thank you for your awesome feedback, much appreciated! :)
Simple interface and seamless calendar sync does it for me. Nice to see Joan can now run on any tablet. Definitely recommend!
simple & effective , flawless user experience! 10 out of 10 imho
@vasco_da_salcano it’s a great solution for small & big companies. Try it now, the onboarding will just take 5 mins of your time. And the trial period is free of charge!
Cool thing for organising meetings in a company :)
@zeljko_skenderovic Exactly :D Thanks for your feedback!
@tilenko and just to check it out, it can be synhronized with Google calendar?
@tilenko @zeljko_skenderovic from what I gathered from their website and the ones we have in our office - yes. It integrates with the google calendar, office 365 and a couple more. Hope that helps!