Jira Slack Integration by Troopr

Save upto 90% of your time with easy automations for Jira

For the first time now you can easily automate every Jira Updates, Reports and Notifications for Slack.
Use our built-in automations or create your own with our Builder with just a few clicks.
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"Our Jira is always upto date" said almost no one in our user interviews :) So we decided to help. Jira Slack Integration by Troopr lets your team easily update Jira issues directly from Slack and helps managers stay in sync with automated reporting. If your team uses both Slack and Jira, you should give Troopr a try and save upto 90% of your time managing Jira projects. https://www.jiraslackintegration...
Are you someone who wants to save time and hassle in keeping Jira up to date and stay on the top of issues that matter? With this launch, we are providing Jira integration for Slack to make managing Jira as easy as chatting for everyone! With this integration you get to - Build and Schedule Jira reports with just in few clicks. - Use Smart Notification Templates for Blockers, Issues missing updates and more. - Set notifications with smart grouping and delivery schedule to minimize noise. - Create issues and update them as per your workflow and custom required fields. And much more.. Troopr works with Jira Cloud and Server. It is free to try and you pay only for active usage. We super excited about this release and hope to serve every team using Slack and Jira.
This makes sense, our team uses Jira and Slack. Will test it definitely.
Very interesting - look forward to trying this.
Great product! Much needed one!