Developer platform to build and deploy applications

Jexia provides backend services for application development to relieve developers from so called "necessary overhead". No need to setup or maintain servers/containers, install databases, create APIs or do repetitive coding.
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15 Reviews5.0/5
Great support, easy API and best team. I wish to this product billion users
@dalisoft thank you Davlatjon!
Really like this platform, makes my life so much easier when working on mobile apps. I'd definitely recommend it
@filip_krstic Hi Filip, thanks for your recommendation! We're glad to read that it has made your life easier :)
Awesome product! Really simple on boarding with a lovely and supporting team. They master the simplicity of database design while balancing scalability. Their open-source projects are also well documented and extremely useful. 👍
@baileyjm02 So nice to hear that Bailey and thank you so much for your support!
Great platform! It is well documented and getting started is very easy. The best part is they have an awesome support team that really listens to developers.
@jscraftsman we're so happy to hear that from you Gervel! Thanks!
@jscraftsman thanks for you support Gervel! I saw your email question on Cloud Functions as well, and yes Cloud Functions is already supported. I will ask one of my colleagues to reply, with an explanation.
Really intuitive UI and it's very easy to navigate it! Super easy to start a project and build database diagrams
@simonemeta Thank you Simone, I'm glad to hear that you liked using Jexia :)
@una_vidakovic Yes of course Una! If you could help us out as well and give us some feedback on our product it'd be awesome! :)
@simonemeta Thanks, Simone! Our UI/UX team will be very happy with your comment ;)
@simonemeta Will gladly take a look and let you know :)