Friendship bracelets that teach girls to code

Jewelbots is a friendship bracelet that teaches girls to code.

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Hi, I am building Jewelbots with @sarajchipps. We wanted to create something fun, interactive and beautiful to help girls get inspired about making and programming. We've been talking to hundreds of girls about what interests them and how they communicate, and we'd love to hear your thoughts too!
Intriguing! My 6 year old would jump at the chance to make one of these. When are you doing one in NYC?
@benjiwheeler Jewelbots will be Generally Available as a product to buy early next year. To be sure you're part of the first run, back our Kickstarter. Post launch, we definitely have an eye towards a hackathon, much like Take Your Daughter To Hack Weekend that shows you how to hack your Jewelbot in new and interesting ways.
Big fan of Brooke and Sarah!
Huge fan of Brooke and Sara, and of this product!
I love this idea and the overall sea change in society that's finally telling my little girl that she can be anything she wants to be. And the Take Your Daughter to Hack nights? Brilliant. Best of luck with the kickstarter and launch!