Jetset Weather

Find the best weather and flights for your trips

Jetset Weather allows you to search, explore and compare weather averages of all major and popular locations in the world. Along with the weather you can view the flight prices to more easily decide where and when to go.

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Last year, before I started a long-term trip, I was trying to make a travel plan based on the weather. I could not find a tool that would let me compare the yearly weather for different places on a single page. That is how I got the idea for this app. During my trip I learned to program web apps and started to work on this project. After a few iterations and some feedback, the concept evolved and here we are! Read about the core features below. Search Search for the location you want to travel to and view the weather and flight prices. If you know when you are going, select a date range to get a closer look. Explore Explore and find a place to go to, based on the weather and flight prices. Filter on timeframe, region and temperature. Compare Use compare if you are debating between a few places or want to know in which order to go. Add each location to the page and check when and where works best for you. Weather Weather data in this app are all based on averages. To summarize the weather, the temperature and a weather icon are displayed. When you click on a weather tile, you will find further details such as rain, clouds, humidity, uv and wind. Flights Everybody has a travel budget, therefore you can see the flight prices along with the weather for any timeframe. Select a flight price to view the available flights and if you like what you see, click on a flight to start booking. Let me know if you have any questions and happy traveling!
Neat idea and great execution! Congratulations Emin!
Congrats on launching!