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JetPack Data provides data analysis for everybody

JetPack Data provideshe fastest and easiest way to explore and understand your data

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@razkarmi thanks for the hunt. I'm one of the co-founders of JetPack Data. After having worked in Apple, Groupon & BNP, we realized that we could help Business Users, Data Analysts & Consultants help speed up their Data Analysis & Exploration by a factor of 2-3 using Machine Learning. Would love to get your thoughts & feedback. Please feel free to ping me, should you have any questions ! Thanks, Shankar ps: we're offering 500 free paid accounts for Product hunt users. So please send me ( an email once you signup so that i can activate your account !
Auxiliary question: Is the Privacy Policy readable in English as well? (I know I could use Google Translate, but that isn't recommended for company policies).
@dotmanish Hi Manish, thanks for the query. We're updating a copy of the Privacy policy in English and should be up in a little bit. will let you know as soon as it's up!