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Live chat with visitors directly from Slack

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This looks really interesting. As a small startup, we can really use all the help we can get with answering questions generated from our website. The Slack integration part is key. Does it create a channel for every new unique person who asks questions? Also, have you thought about implementing some natural language processing to help organize all the data that comes in? Like pulling all the e-mails out of a week's worth of chats? Or maybe building some quick auto responses like "It looks like you're asking a question about pricing, is that right?". If so, check out - I'd love to get your feedback on how useful that would be for something like Jelldesk.
@machineboxio thanks for your feedbacks. Jelldesk will auto create slack channel for per visitor and also invite configured agents (slack users) into that channel. Yes we are developing rule and action base on events which can be a auto message in channel or auto classify customers into a segment. But I am really love to see the which can help us on this part.
@vvo I'd love to help - check out and let me know if its straightforward. If not, hit me up hello(at)
Hello everyone, Would like to share with you the Jelldesk support which is an embeddable for Slack and JIRA Service Desk that help you realtime support client by Slack messaging and capture client feedbacks by JIRA Service Desk. Jelldesk support has been released the beta version, I am really appreciate if you guys can give us some feedbacks. Please try it at Atlassian's marketplace: