Makes GIFs and visually share your ideas easily

That little character (I'll presume his name is Jeff) is awesome
@KristoferTM Thanks! That is indeed Jeff. I think it really makes the app. Our designer Sandra did a great job on it.
I've been using Recordit (free, Jeff is $9.99) to capture and quickly share animated GIFs.
@AnujAdhiya @rrhoover Thanks for mentioning both of these apps! We used them before creating Jeff. Jeff's GIFs (heh) are 20fps by default vs 4 in Recordit free and 12 in Recordit Pro ($29). There's a bit of a tradeoff in file size right now but the first update coming shortly shrinks GIF size by ~10x (seriously). Smooth animations are great when you're showing off an interaction design in Slack or a GitHub PR, and the direct link to the GIF makes it really easy to just paste and it'll play inline. LICEcap is another good tool that I first found via Mattt Thompson, but I think Jeff is a bit better user experience as a non-cross-platform Mac app built for Yosemite. There's a good demo of Jeff's output here:
Cloudapp lets you do this too! -
@digit Hey David, great point! It's cool to see so many apps making GIFs now. Like I mentioned in a comment above, in our experience Jeff's GIF quality is usually better than CloudApp. Jeff is still a 1.0 right now, so we're really curious to learn how people will want to use it!