AI backed on-demand mobile travel insurance

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Jauntin’ makes it easy for policyholders to obtain travel insurance, enhance their existing policies or submit claims in real-time. Insurance providers can learn when their policyholders leave & return, where they go, their travel habits and more. It'll be interesting to see how this affects insurance policies. Particularly in this era of remote work and travel, and digital nomads, I can see this being a useful and exciting addition to any traveler's toolkit. This was suggested to me by my friend @maxtremaine, founder of Sherpa App. This is Day 5 of a series highlighting Canadian apps/startups/products.
I think this aligns with the way millennials will buy/consume travel insurance. Love this.
@sunil_extreme Especially in an era of increasing remote work and travel, digital nomads and the like, I totally agree. Will be really interesting to see what types of new businesses are spawned by this lifestyle.