Janus Workspace Desktop

Unclutter your browser and be more productive

Janus organizes all of your sites in one window. The idea is to have better control and visualization of your favorite webpages. Every webpage in Janus has a different session, so you can open as much twitter or PayPal pages as you want and login with different accounts at the same time.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Thank you for supporting our project! I believe that products should always be build in public: nothing more important than the feedback and ideas from our users. All thought, opinions and ideas are greatly appreciated! Janus Workspace is paid, but I have added a special user for this week so that anyone can test it username/email - ProductHunt password - producthunt All subscribers up until today will receive 3 months of free premium use. You can just sign in with the same email, as your Product Hunt registration and you will have full access :)
Great job!! Does this work on standalone web browser made by your or works on other web browser, I’m looking for integration with chrome.
@ayush_chandra Thanks :) it uses simplified (stripped down a lot) chrome. Are you looking forward to integration with Chrome because of Chrome extensions, or all of the usernames and passwords that Chrome has already saved for you?