Jamm for Slack

Supercharge video collaboration in your Slack workspace

Jamm for Slack makes it super easy to launch instant video chats and send video updates out to teammates directly from your Slack channel. Add it here: https://jamm.app/slack
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Hey Product Hunt👋! We’re excited for you all to check out Jamm for Slack! I don’t know about you, but we grew tired of long and boring video meetings. We believe real work happens between meetings, so we went out and built Jamm to bring a bit more fun and dynamic conversations into the workplace. Hear more on why we built Jamm: https://jamm.app/video/xqKcDyrQ9... With our latest Slack integration, you can now instantly launch live video huddles and record and send video updates to teammates directly from your Slack channel using slash commands: -🙌 Jump into a quick huddle to discuss an idea or brainstorm with your team instantly using /jamm chat - 💁‍♂️ Record and send video updates and meeting highlights to your teammates with /jamm record - 🕺 Creatively name video chat links and share with your channel We invite you to check and let us know what you think! -Badri
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@baddn Congratulations on the launch. Looks like a great video collaboration tool and great that it is integrated within Slack.
@rahulvats Thanks so much and glad you like it.
At Jamm, we use `/jamm record` quite a bit for things like sending recorded video updates to our team and capturing brainstorm highlights. On occasion (probably more frequently than we should admit), we like to see who can get the biggest laugh from teammates by sending funny video recordings back and forth - boomerang style! Here are some other ways we use `/jamm record` on the dailly: https://youtu.be/_rzu4X_42nE Let us know if you have any questions or feedback! We’d love to hear from you.
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@adam_ullman Awesome work Adam! Super keen to try this :)
@dansiepen Great to hear! Let us know how you go. Video is bringing back a much needed personal touch for our team communication while we're all remote.
Seriously always felt too may productivity apps force us into another app > hence another workflow and aint nobody got time for that. So excited to not have to leave the free version of slack for ad hoc f2f group videos anymore!! 🥃💃🏻
@chhaya_b as I like to say sometimes, we want "the conversation to follow you to wherever you happen to be working"
This looks pretty awesome. I have been getting tired of zoom calls tbh and I like that this seems to focus more so on short and spontaneous discussions. Love the slack integration as well. This ties in super well with my workflow. What use cases have you seen become most popular with this so far? Workflows on product updates etc I am imagining?
@biasijonell Indeed, we are a fully remote team and heavily use it internally for doing both sync and async stand ups. Other areas are recording bug repo steps, metrics walkthroughs, visual design feedback and also sharing our favorite cocktail recipes on Thursdays!
I really love the experience we have created that allows me to seamlessly jump on a call with the team. Using it everyday! It's been fantastic to watch developers demo new features, or getting updates from the team via video. It has eliminated a lot of meetings and essentially allows us to consume them at our convenience. I'd definitely recommend giving the recordings a go in your team!
@michael_leaney Love less meetings!