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Well.... something has had a makeover
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@bentossell what a time to be alive
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@bentossell Rather incredible that we stagger the generation of the overhead slide projector, and the jamboard. Do you remember drawing on the plastic transparent sheets for those things?
@bentossell we still use those at school πŸ˜‚
@bentossell Wow. No kidding. I forgot the projector even existed!
Pixel, Home, Daydream View, Chromecast, Wifi, Jamboard... Google is now a hardware company.
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@jackdweck I believe you forgot Glass, Cars, and Switches (they are custom to handle their bandwidth reqs).
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May I borrow $6k from someone. Our distributed team needs this. πŸ™πŸΌ
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@rrhoover You should sign up for the Early Adopter program. @producthunt would be a great fit: https://connect.googleforwork.co...
Is that just me or the name Jamboard remind you of Jeremy Jamm from Park and Recreation :)
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@rotemthegolfer You could actually put the Gif on the JamBoard
@tsunaze Yeah, now just the *easy* part of teaming up with Google and making them integrate Guggy into the JamBoard :)
This simple design with wheels actually solves a really big problem. πŸ‘
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@nivo0o0 Not sure. I usually encounter dedicated rooms with huge walls painted with whiteboard paint to scribble on, which are also designed to be noise-shielded. Reminds me more of the old days: "Hey, who gets the TV cabinet with the DVD player out of 223?" followed by "Where is the TV?" "It's been in 223" "No, not anymore" "Who rolled the TV out of 223?" "I think Lisa used it last week for her presentation" "Where is Lisa?". :D
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@nivo0o0 It seems that the wheels and especially those legs can be really annoying to use and draw or write on the blackboard.. hanging on the wall seems feasible.
Agreed. Also - sadly from experience - it makes it easier for other teams to knick your screen while you aren't looking... @ivarsmas @nivo0o0