Parse web pages using CSS query selectors

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When a website doesn't provide an API, but you'd like to extract some information, Jam API looks like a really simple way to parse the website and get the information you need. Parsing HTML has always been a tough proposition, but by using CSS selectors the process has been made much easier! Love that it's a hosted service, and not just another library that you need to integrate into your own apps.
Hey everybody, I'm super excited to be back on Product Hunt today. Thanks @mubashariqbal for hunting. I made Jam API because I was having difficulty working with sites that didn't have a public api for developers to work with. I decided to make it a hosted service so that you can integrate into any language that you'd like. I'd love any and all feedback on the project, also it's open source so any and all pull requests are welcome!
Really Nice way to handle things.
Brilliant! Definitely has a lot of awesome use cases.