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Hey hunters, my name is Danni and i'm the CEO and co-founder of Jaco, This is our first time on Product-Hunt, and we're all extremely excited!! Jaco records every user interaction, event and mouse movement, allowing you to see an high-quality movie of your users, and get real-life feedback on how your users actually use your application. We've created Jaco out of frustration with existing user-testing/support/analytics tools, combined with our deep love for the web. We've worked hard this past few months making Jaco the easiest & most accurate session recording tool out there, But our main goal is not only give you an easy way to see your users, but also mark the interesting things you need to watch. I'm happy to give all product hunters a 20% discount using the code: PRODUCTHUNT-LOVE (You can enter the coupon on the billing page after you signup) I'm here to answer all of your questions! Ask away!
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@dannifriedland That's so awesome! Really excited about it!
@yanavlatchkova Thanks Yana! Hope you'll enjoy it.
@dannifriedland When would you process javascript and css ?
@yanavlatchkova We do process them, maybe you're experiencing some issue, do you mind sending me an email: danni at getjaco.com
@dannifriedland we're using react. Do you have problem with this technology?
This is a game changer! After experimenting with the Beta for quite some time, I managed to get tangible insights to how users engage with my site and consume content and managed to translate it to better conversions. A killer product with many delightful touches.
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Holy moly - the pricing is way too much. Nice product anyways
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@uxdzen Thanks! Regarding the price, also i'm biased, but if you compare it to usability testing or support tools, it's not that much.
@uxdzen which are other products like this? which are as good?
@juangmrtz @iamnineblack @uxdzen If you ever used Sessioncam, give us a go, you'll be pleasantly surprised. the difference is huge.
Great product! Do you guys have any plans to support mobile apps as well?
@murilocappucci We sure do, the first launch will be for mobile web(within the next couple of weeks) and later on native mobile as well.
@dannifriedland @murilocappucci Would definitely pay for native mobile apps. Like today.
@dannifriedland @murilocappucci That's great to hear! When this works for native mobile apps I will be on board 100%. Great product.
@stephenmarklevi @dannifriedland @murilocappucci lookback.io should work on android and iPhone today..
As an early Beta user I have to say that this product and the team behind it are both awesome, the amount of innovation it brings to the table is with not doubt huge. Take it for a test drive.
@tamir_eden Thanks Tamir!