JackThreads TryOuts

Try first. Pay later. Never buy before you try — ever again

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Ben Tossell@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
In the age of internet shopping, this makes a lot of sense! Forbes posted an article about this move How JackThreads Realized It Was Treating Customers Like Numbers -- And Bet Everything On A New Fix h/t to @alexrkonrad Some more press from Recode Discounting is killing online retailers. Here's how one startup is trying to fix that.
Owen Bossola@owenbossola · Co-founder at Slides
This is how all clothes shopping (online) should work.
Matt Bruno@mattrbruno
Great explaining video, simple and effective.
jason rosser
@mattrbruno | Thanks Matt. It was a blast to collaborate internally and externally to get feedback as we were creating the video. We used the feedback to iterate with the goal of making the message more clear and effective.
Alex Adelman@alexadelman · CEO, Cosmic
Very cool! Are you all using Try.com or did you build it in-house?
jason rosser
@alexadelman | Thanks! We built this in-house. It was a huge effort to re-construct our platform to only bill the customer after the tryout period is over.
nate embrey@nateembrey · Co-Founder @ Tillerlabs.com
JackThreads is doing something really cool here. Just read this article a day or two ago: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alex...