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Looks pretty nice:
Hi guys! Glad to see you here on ProductHunt! The dev course builder might be popular among the existing platforms like codecademy, Khan's academy, codeschool etc. Guess, all the platforms will want to focus on content leaving coding to a company like Ivy. Do you support any other languages than JS and Java?
@alexanderisora We also run Python, Ruby, ~Swift~, and C++ courses with Ivy (Edit: my mistake—we haven’t executed Swift/Objective-C yet). But we can pretty much support any language needed.
Looks really good - Would love to use this for writing free/open content. Are you planning on doing anything there? Seems like target market for you is more corporations/training courses. But I think this could also be an easy way to write quick introduction courses on how to use some form of tech. I'm imagining like "How to use this open source project" ... "How to get started with X code linter"
Ivy looks very interesting and easy to use. Have you guys considered a more "entry-level" version for creating product training courses that are less technical in nature? Also, I think your demo video is quite effective. Did you guys produce that in house or use a design firm? I'd love to know. Thx.
@pdame At this point, the focus is on building a product geared toward technical courses that utilize the executor to evaluate and provide feedback on coding responses. And, yes, the video was produced in-house by Envy's design team.
@tylerhunt Thanks. Do you plan to publish any pricing information?
@pdame There's a fixed annual license fee, regardless of the number of courses or users. Feel free to reach out to @jbalauat (john@ivyapp.com) for the details.
This looks awesome! What would be the lowest entry point for pricing? As someone who might want to write a course for the public and having 0 resources but maybe a bit of free time here and there...