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Iventlist is a companion service for events and conferences, providing a web interface for event holders and mobile applications for attendees (iOS and Android). From creating the schedule to interacting with visitors, iventlist offers an easy-to-use stack for events on various scales. Try out our FREE DEMO tier to see for yourself.

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Maybe we should create an app for PH community events 🤔
@rrhoover ``` Great idea! We can provide you a dedicated PH Community event app anytime!
This is a really awesome idea! I really think this could take off in tech communities. What is on your future roadmap?
@jamesstewart Hi James! Thanks for your kind words! We would like to cater iventlist to the needs of the attendees and eventholders and continues to keep it as simple and clean as now. :) From the feedback we have received so far, here are a few of the features we would like to implement in the next releases of iventlist: showing the map of the venue, create an easy-to-use real-time polling option during sessions, Q&A between speakers and attendees and support for closed invents in the standalone/branded apps. Hope you will enjoy using iventlist in the future! Take care, Mark
@markkurcz Those sound like great goals! I think a Q&A feature would be great for people doing AMAs at events. I look forward to seeing you progress 🚀
@markkurcz do you plan to do interactive maps or just images?
@markkurcz @kay_larina Hello, Ksenia! Our first implementation will be static images. But we are also working on a dynamic one. But we need more time to get this thing right in a clean and user-friendly way. Thanks for your question!

After finding iventlist on Product Hunt, I decided to try it out for a 3 day conference I was hosting and now that the event is over, I can say with confidence that this is a great tool and I highly recommend it. As listed in the cons, the initial entry of items such as the schedule, speakers and sponsors was difficult as each has to be entered 1 by 1, but considering the hard working folks behind iventlist, I have no doubt that a CSV option will be available in no time! Overall the app came in handy when attendees had questions and the minimalist design and seamless UX made sure the important stuff was front and center. Attendees in particular enjoyed the push notifications and as the organizer I really loved that feature as well— helped a lot with coordinating attendees and making sure everyone was in the know. Great product and hope to see this become the standard.


Great interface, clean app design, high-touch support, incorporates all you need for a perfect conference app, push notifs were very helpful


Adding speakers, sessions or sponsors one-by-one can be tedious. Can't schedule push notifs in advance.

Hey Asha! Thanks for the great review!🙌 It’s been awesome to have such a great conference in our app! 🙏
Hello everybody! We started iventlist because we wanted to create a simple, easy-to-use service for conferences. Many of the current solutions are overcrowded with unused features and too complicated. Iventlist is a complete userfriendly experience for the event holders and the attendees. We are looking forward to your feedback and impressions. Please try out iventlist FREE demo event at iventlist.com If you are satisfied with the result you can choose from our paid plans. Get -10% OFF from your first purchase: Coupon Code: PH2018
Great job!!😊will check it out
@ayush_chandra Thank you very much! Looking forward to hearing from you!