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#4 Product of the DayApril 28, 2017

ItsAlive is a Facebook Chatbot Platform that easy enables you to build and deploy decision tree bots.

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Six months ago ItsAlive

showed us

how simple and intuitive building a chatbot can be. Here, they are again with 'great' updates to their wonderful product. Why is it great? Read @benjmerritt post on Medium
Thank you @adithya for hunting us ! We are really glad to introduce the new For people who don't know us we are a facebook chatbot builder. We’ve taken all the great feedback we got since our launch in order to create this brand new release. Your chatbot building experience has been redesigned, featuring brand-new functions while keeping the creation process as simple as possible. Please ask us anything ! Feedback welcome !
@benjmerritt congrats on relaunch. 🤖
So Fun! Can't wait to launch this on my business page
Another great bot company that had a presence at last Web Summit in Lisbon! Great to see the evolution of the tool, it makes it really easy to build chatbots :) Also I have added you on my Made in France collection
@picsoung thank you nicolas ! Please let us know if you need help with your bots 😉 see you at thenext web summit !
I like the interface better than ManyChat. But I don't see a pricing structure anywhere. I can't imagine this is 100% free.
@scottwyden I just launched it on my business and it's live. just a small thing in the menu linking to their website.
Thank you @scottwyden ! For the moment it's 100% free and we'll always have a free version of our product including all the features you have today. The free version will be restricted to a specific amount of messages that I can't disclose for now but I assure you it's confortable. We really want people to try and be convinced, so you'll have plenty of free messages until you get seriously into chatbots. We are working on several pricing based on bot usage, in order to not discourage small businesses and help agencies or big brands take advantages of managing and publishing many bots. If you want to talk about it please contact me (on twitter or on our website).
@benjmerritt That sounds great. I recommend being transparent about future pricing stuff on the website. Not showing anything about it is a turn off.
@downeastcakes It's ALiiive ! Congrats ! We do have a little watermark for the moment on free plans. Would love to have your feedback about this. You will soon have the option to take it off in exchange of a little fee.
@benjmerritt I went into this knowing nothing about chat bots. I love how simple it was. After playing around with it for 20 minutes I launched it. It's really advanced but simple at the same time. Great product!
Nice, but i cannot get my feed to work (feedburner)
@caschy it really depends on the RSS feed source. If you can give me the url we'll look into it and try to make this happen ! Would be great for your blog 😉