IssyBot Wordsearch

Chat game for learning words, designed by a 5 year old!

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Hey everyone! I’m user #11 here on ProductHunt but (confession time) this is my actually first ever Maker submission as I’m always busy with my day job; I work as Product Director for Arago, a super cool AI company. ANYWAY.. a few weeks ago my 5 year old daughter sent me a WhatsApp message where she had designed a Wordsearch game asking me to find the hidden word - see screenshot above - it was a very proud dad moment and the countdown timer emojis used to instil a sense of urgency literally bought a tear to my eye, genius! I JUST HAD TO BUILD IT FOR HER So “IssyBot” is now available on Facebook Messenger and I won’t bore you with the details because as an avid ProductHunt reader literally from Day 1, I tend to skip past long intro posts! Haha sorry. But if anyone wants to hear the story (which is pretty cool!), here’s a post on Medium: tl:dr Issy loves playing IssyBot and it’s even migrated her away from YouTube Kids! More importantly, it’s helping her IMPROVE SPELLING, TYPING & READING Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll be online most of today as am laid up with a tore hamstring!
First of all @cpresc... OUCH, Hope the hammy sorts itself out quicker than diagnosed. I had the pleasure of trying IssyBot prior to release, and my kids steal my phone to play when they can since then. For some context, my kids are 6, 7 & 9. They approve Chris. Great little game, easy to use, quick fire questions, entertaining for the kids. And to boot, if it helps spelling, typing, keyboard recognition, and reading, that a definite PLUS. Good luck with IssyBot Chris Come on guys, take a look at this simple but very effective children's game
@sam_cholera thanks man, great to hear. I spent last week surfing in Morocco.. and accrued multiple injuries - gave me time to finish this though! :)
@cpresc - this is absolutely the best! I promise to show this to my daughter tonight, and I hope one day I have an opportunity to help her materialize ideas like this. Easiest upvote ever.
@sbmarkb Thanks man, that's such a nice thing to write :) Yeah I literally just had no choice but to build it for her! Not sure if you read the Medium post, but this is what excites me the most.. "I have many ideas on new features but forcing myself to leave them out as thought it would be far more interesting to only build the features that Issy designs so it remains a product designed by a 5 year old." ... i.e. to force myself to follow her lead. Will be super interesting to see how it evolves and to see how different it becomes to my ideas :) Thanks again!