Simple tool for you and your client to work on issues

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If you're an agency, this seems like a great tool to manage a project interactively with your clients. @pogarson tell us more about this product. Why did you build it?
Hey All! I'm part of the IssueFly team. We're super happy to release and be on Product Hunt! Thanks Grégoire (@gregoiregilbert)! To give some context... The idea of IssueFly was born during my work at software house (Code & Pepper). At one moment I realized that for our work to be optimal we need a tool to work on issues - not internally (within our team/company) but "externally", with clients people. More specifically - we needed a tool optimal for frequent projects with new clients and variable project teams. So far, I used to think that there was a range of applications able to solve that problem. However it turned out that they are not tools adequate for the purpose. For a number of basic reasons: they are generally meant for an in-house use; because of their complexity requiring time-consuming training of people to enable them to use the applications, and their pricing model (usually per active user), they are not adjusted to the situation where project teams vary and users are many. Such is the origin of IssueFly - simple app for you and your client to work on issues. BTW: It's a first version and early stages, we will be iterating as we progress but would love to get any feedback / questions.
@pogarson Hi Adam, looks great but I can't see this pricing get to work, rather would go with a pay per use model or add a lower entrance plan. What plans do you have for the future? Integrations (with Github etc?). Can't get it form the website, do you have mail notifications?
@robertvhoesel Thanks for the thoughts, Robert! The pricing model is unusual indeed and that's something we've been hearing and thinking a lot. We will see how it goes but definitely we'll keep eye open on it. Regarding email notifications - yes, we've already had them. You can set them per project and additionally there are notification indicators within the application. Regarding integrations - IssueFly is integrated with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and One Drive so far but we have in mind other integrations and data export/import feaures Generally about the near future - we're going to focus on native mobile apps. So, definitely have an exciting few months ahead.
@pogarson I second a pay-per-use or # of projects! I would love a smaller plan at 3 or 5 projects.
@geekgirlweb Thanks, Rebecca. Really appreciate your comment as it will improve the product accessibility! @robertvhoesel @geekgirlweb If you don't mind, I've got a question for you guys since I'm really curious about your opinion. What would you say about pay-per-coworker pricing model (cost of subscription depends on how many people from the same company use the app)? Would it be something you find OK/understandable? Thanks for your time!
@pogarson seems oke with me but I'd personally go for a pricing model that's in line with the users success. More customers/projects = more money to spend, whereas the team size always will grow slower. Comparable to hosting bills or customer service apps; the more customers or visitors to serve the more costs. I'd love to use your product but with only two customers right now the pricing seems way off if you compare it to what we pay for services like intercom and such.
Awesome job with the UI guys, the best traditions of material design!
@uibreakfast Thanks, Jane! Glad to hear that!
Amazing UI. Going to use it a lot. Thanks!
@madebyues Thank you, Andrea! Glad you like it :-)
@pogarson Is this still up?